Cheese Curd Festival

The cheese curd festival celebrates Wisconsin’s most popular iconic food, the cheese curd. These festivals take place throughout June in different parts of Wisconsin.

Each year, you can expect to see plenty of cheese curds in various flavors and forms, from classic squeaky-fresh curds to more creative flavors like jalapeño or garlic.  

These festivals have cheese enthusiasts, food vendors, artisans, and families that go to have a fun-filled celebration of all things cheese.



The cheese curd festival is a great way to honor Wisconsin’s dairy heritage and show that Wisconsin is the leading cheese producer.



Cheese Curd Festival




These festivals give festival-goers a chance to sample and indulge in a wide variety of cheese curds. Trying the samples is a fun way to try out the different varieties. Keep in mind that purchasing in bulk is the most popular way to take some home for later.

They are a great way to show a sense of community as cheese enthusiasts get together to enjoy food, entertainment, and a fun atmosphere.

Another great benefit of the cheese curd festivals is that they give the local cheese producers a way to show and sell their products, which helps with the local economy.

Festivals like these are a wonderful way to have fun, eat great cheese, and enjoy a family-friendly event.



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The process

Cheese curds are made through the process of cheese making.


Cheese Curd Festival

Milking – Start with fresh milk from dairy cows.

Pasteurization – The raw milk is typically pasteurized by heating it to a specific temperature and then quickly cooling it. This helps kill any harmful bacteria but keeps the good flavor and texture.

Culturing – Specific bacterial cultures are then added to the milk, which helps to acidify it. As a result, it is essential to form the curds.

Coagulation – Rennet, which is an enzyme, is added to thicken the milk to start the coagulation of the curds.

Cutting – Once the milk has coagulated, it is cut into small pieces. This separates the curds from the whey, which is the liquid part of the milk.

Heating and Stirring – The curds now have to be gently heated and stirred to get more whey out of the cheese and really firm up the curds.

Draining and Salting – After the heating process, the curds are drained in a cheese vat or cheesecloth to get out any excess whey. So then, they are salted to enhance the flavor of the curds and help preserve them.

Packaging – They are packaged for sale once the curds have the moisture content and flavor the cheese farmer wants. Fresh curds are the best when they are enjoyed right after production.



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How to eat cheese curds

These little curds are pretty versatile and can be enjoyed in many ways, which is why they are such a popular choice for cheese lovers.

Eat them fresh – This is the most popular way to enjoy the curds. For example, eating them right out of the package gives you that famous squeaky texture that is so unique to curds.



Cheese Curd Festival

Deep-fry them – When they are deep-fried, they become a fantastic snack at festivals and restaurants. They are coated in batter or breadcrumbs and fried until golden and crispy. The best part is the gooey center.

Melt them – They are easy to melt, and this makes them a wonderful topping for burgers, nachos, or pizza.

Pair them with other foods – Curds are a fantastic addition to a fun charcuterie board, served with wine or beer or added to a cheese platter.


Recipe Ideas

Cheese curd poutine – Simply prepare some French fries on a plate, sprinkle cheese curds over the hot fries, pour homemade or store-bought gravy over the top, and allow the curds to melt. This is a great Canadian comfort food.

Curds and bacon stuffed mushrooms – Mix cream cheese, chopped bacon, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Mix well and stuff into a mushroom cap. Press a cheese curd into the center of the cap. Bake at 375° for 15-20 minutes. Oh, so good!

Cheese curd salad – Combine mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion in a salad bowl. Toss with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and top with curds.



There are many festivals across the state of Wisconsin. All of these festivals have food vendors, sampling stations, entertainment, and friendly cheese curd competitions.

Check out these festivals to see if any of them might be in your area. Please realize that all of these festivals have adequate RV and camper parking.

Ellsworth Cheese Curd Festival – This festival is held in Ellsworth’s East End Park, the cheese curd capital of Wisconsin.  

Little Chute June Diary Month Festival – Since 1988, this three-day cheese curd festival has entertained and fed festival goers.

6th Annual Redhead Creamery Curd Fest – Although this festival has only been happening in Brooten, Wisconsin, for a few years, it has become one of the more popular gatherings.



Cheese Curd Festival




As we get closer to June, cheese lovers eagerly wait for the Cheese Curd Festivals. Whether you like squeaky-fresh curds or like to explore more unique ways to enjoy them, these festivals are a must-see when passing through Wisconsin.

Mark your calendars, pack your appetite, and enjoy the best cheese curds that Wisconsin has to offer.


Nibbler Tip:  Always check the festivals you are interested in going to for proper times and dates.



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